The Uspanteko Phonetics and Prosodic Phonology Project (UPPPP!)

The UPPPP! project is focused on documenting and describing the phonetics and phonology of the Mayan language Uspanteko, as well as developing corpora and computational resources to further this task. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation (BCS/DEL-1551043/1551666).

CLU Workshop on ELAN

Robert and Ryan, in concert graduate research assistant Meg Harvey, organized a two day workshop on ELAN at the Comunidad Lingüística Uspanteka in San Miguel Uspantán. Attendees were introduced to the basics of ELAN, as well as how to produce materials for the broader community from annotated ELAN files. Over the course of the workshop, attendees worked in teams to produce small subtitled videos, which were shared on the final day. The workshop was attended by youth and adults from Uspantán, as well as the neighboring state Alta Verapaz. There were speakers of Uspanteko, K'iche', and Poqomchi' in attendance.

ELAN workshop at CLU

UVG Workshop in Practical Phonetics

Robert and Ryan, in concert with Dr. Pedro Mateo Pedro, organized a three day workshop on practical phonetics at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Campus Altiplano. Topics included basic acoustic phonetics, IPA, principles of recording, and an introduction to phonetics software (e.g. Praat). The workshop was well attended, with speakers of more than 5 different Mayan languages, including, of course, Uspanteko.

Phonetics workshop at UVG

Recording in Uspantán

Ryan and Robert were in Uspantán in June / July 2016 to run the first in a set of experiments on the prosody of Uspanteko. The team was graciously hosted by the Comunidad Lingüística Uspanteka. Twenty-two speakers were recorded over two weeks from multiple Uspanteko-speaking communities in the area.

Communidad Lingüística Uspanteka